Astral Prince - EP

by Astral Prince

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Astral Prince's debut release, "Astral Prince - EP" features raw headphone mic vocals and lush synth textures, rendering demos of a choice group of songs, which represent a body of work created between Spring 2013 and Fall 2014. The demo EP is released in anticipation of the full album, "Astral Revolution," due Spring 2015.


released January 28, 2015

Astral Prince : BWD-C



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Astral Prince Oakland, California

- Astral Prince -
North Bay native, Oakland resident, musician, friend, suburban shaman.

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Track Name: Scarlet Eyes (Sure as the Moon)
Deep as the water that runs at the well, such is the depth of his soul. His heart is a dagger, his heart it is still, it doesn't beat at all.

Open your contrite heart. Open your scarlet eyes. Sure as the moon, the tide will rise, as it falls.

The tide rushes in and the tide rushes out. The ocean's not tied down and dull. Just as the spirit's entitled to be, heart-whims, they ebb and they flow.

Open your whim-less heart, open your hard heart wide. Sure as the moon, the tide will rise, as it falls.

The blood in your body's now functional, true, but does it transcend the vein? The moon tugs your blood as it orbits your home, the heart tugs your spirit the same.

Open your festering heart, bleed, mortal, bleed to life! Sure as the moon, the tide will rise, as it falls.

I'll clutch the dagger, and bleed at the hand, I'll trod the depths of your soul. I'll man the bellows and melt down your heart, recast it in flesh, vulnerable.

Open your perfect heart, open your scarlet eyes...
Track Name: Orb Weaver
Orb weaver, willow wonder:
fragile frame, though fashioned strong of
webs taut, feather flames

Beads aligned with good intent.
Holy plumes, like those of mine:
webs taut, dark entombs.

Aura dance, shaman trance:
Care to take a glance
Or join the plants?

Under the guise of a given chance,
it's a fine romance.

Incense cloud, rainbow beam:
What's it even mean?
Ought we dare to dream?

If the ocean even turned to steam,
what would we ever glean?

Change your stance, cast a glance,
dare to loose your hands, and join the dance.

Free yourself, and burn in love.

Break the bands, walk the lands;
prisoner, make a stand, and live by chance!

Open up your heart and...

And by chance the woven wonder,
clad in feather flames,
suffers degradation and decay,
it's builder lost away...

Should we let the dying struggle,
or whisk them on their way?

Should we harvest silken strands,
and wind them up on sticks and dowels for play?

Or cast glimpses by the light of day?

As the feathers fade and fray.

Should we let it stay?
Track Name: Secret Civilization
It's a possibility, a Secret Civilization,
unknown to you and me, and every nation,
before the world began, before the dawn of creation,
has "supersisted" here, in pure liberation.

It's not yet visible, I fear, but it's here.
A Secret Civilization is neer.

So open up your heart a bit. Take breath for each palpation.
Learn to learn with eyes shut closed, and no information.
Go take up the rituals and make an oblation.
Listen with your ears shut tight; enjoy conversation.

Soon an endless dawn will come. Don't run,
or you'll be dead when time is done.

When your body bleeds pure light,
your eyes will be opened evermore.
Track Name: Kendra Kindles Karl
Over the edge there lives a trouble
Under the ledge their lives a heart

When they came out into the field, searching
That's when she made the fire start

Kendra kindles Karl
and his bones begin to tingle
Kendra kindles Karl
and the darkness fades away
Kendra kindles Karl
and their souls begin to mingle
Kendra kindles Karl
casts his troubles far away

When Kendra started up the fire
She only meant to keep them warm

She only needed something, tinder, so tender
And Karl's bones were broke and worn

Kendra kindles Karl
and his heart beats slightly faster
Kendra kindles Karl
and her heart is lost away
Kendra kindles Karl
and the fire seems so inviting, delighting
Kendra kindles Karl
that she jumps in all the way

And here comes the storm
And it's as if by some magic
As the water flows
That Karl's flame just won't go out
Fighting through the tempest
And of Kendra's soaken ashes,
her fire's been drowned
Karl lights Kendra back aflame
Track Name: Dear Nation
Nation so bewildered, please don't break my pride.
I believed in all your tenets,
my eyes were open wide.
My eyes were open wide, and my heart was open still.
My life is just beginning, please don't kill my will.

Nation of democracy, the People's will is done.
E pluribus unum, united, free,
but it feels like I'm the only one.
I'm not the only one, though the borders trap us in.
My mind cannot forget which great state I'm in.

Nation of Justice, Equality, it's time to turn the tide.
I believed in all your tenets,
but I guess they're only lies.
I guess they're only lies,
promised grace that won't be given.
I guess this is the state that we're living in.

Liberty and Justice for All!
Liberty and Justice for All!

Nation through the corporate garble, nation hear my cry.
I'm still here, I still believe,
sometimes I don't know why.
Sometimes I don't know why,
why I'm wading at the hip.
Sometimes I don't know why we put up with it.
Track Name: Silly Putty
Every whim and every act of fate,
Every act of freedom starts today.
Never put a wall up, don't delay
Never seal your heart up, love can't be saved

Have you ever dared to live a dream?
Impassioned, let your heart float down the stream.
Have you ever looked beyond earth's subtle gleam?
Where transcendent ever-glow dares to beam?

And all I know is silly putty,
Stripped the lines up,

And all I know is rather funny,
Get your notes out,

And all I know is ancient knowledge,
Rather studious

Seems all I know's under-acknowledged,
Just the ego

Rather like, a starry night,
Thinking, though it's rather dark out
Locked away, though not too tight,
Answers near and far as clouds

And all I've ever felt,
it feels like I could feel now

And all I've ever thought,
methinks that I could think now

And of the universe,
it seems that I could wonder how...

Seems silly putty's
picking up the best wow

All my mirrors and my works of art,
Tell me that a song is where to start,
Evening comes and goes, though not too late,
Nighttime steals the wee hours of the day,

And how my heart,
it flutters like a motor,

It seems my only ship has sails,
no rudder,

But that's ok
because the wind will take me

If I'm not hard,
perhaps the wind will shape me,

If I am too brittle, it will
If I am too fickle, I'll be chilled
If I turned the wind off, it won't take me
When I need a cool breeze, I'll be out...on my luck

But there I go again,
I'm not the God of nature

I'm not the God of any subject,
any matter

I'm just an artist,
medium perception,

I paint the world with light,
with glad redemption

Although perhaps not painting,
maybe sweeping

My paintbrush is a broom,
for painting big things

It all seems makeshift,
but it's really perfect

It takes forever,
but it's really worth it

But silly putty,
that you have to scrape up

It's pink flesh blackens
as it sucks the ink up

A memory,
although it is ephemeral

The print is lost,
the moment rather memorable...
Track Name: Starcraft Bebop Heart